Local Provider

Pete Lewiston

TREC license number 22679

Pete Lewiston is the principal of Lewiston and Sons, LLC and a licensed professional real estate inspector in the state of Texas. Pete has been involved with building construction trade work for over 38 years, and since 1998, has operated the general construction trades business, Lewiston and sons, LLC, which has served over 3000 local customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to date. Pete has knowledge and experience building, repairing, and maintaining aspects of structural, system, and component items found in residential and light commercial buildings.

Third Party Providers

MyHandyHomeHelp.com enjoys affiliation with a network of third party providers offering services related to building maintenance and real estate inspection. From building trades providers, to specialty inspection services, to engineering, MyHandyHomeHelp.com can refer to a competent professional, and often arrange provision of the service for the client. Contact us when you have a residential or commercial building need.